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Whats going on for the winter builds whos building what.
Should get every one we can help or help motivate you builders SORRY NO FINANCIAL HELP IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM ..un less your offering some then my office door is always open.

We know Ungabunga..cowa...toomanybikzza!!! has a few things juggling in the garage.
We may have to give up on Geeto ,He just has way too many bikes!
Me Im almost done with two and will post then on ebay soon!
Stattz is knee deep in a rack of carbs..keep all fingers crossed!
Tex is in secret "M" mode making some top secret 007cafe extrodinaire,two wheel device...
JohhnyB well he is always build parts to make parts to make bikes while he is building bikes.

Ah who else is there OH yeah ,FR is building a cb 450 and last I knew he is still on it...!

And monkey is putting his racer together, again another different way..

Thats all I remember now im sure this isnt a complete list ADD TO IT :

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Yup, still working on the CB450 vintage racer, though actual "work" is being stymied by a "customer" bike on my stand. Probably as soon as I take it off the rack and get the 450 on, she'll call and I'll have to switch again. It's not that hard, except the front end is apart on her bike, so it's a ballbuster to move around.
In the meantime I've got two dirtbikes waiting for their turn in the garage, maintenance and ice racing screws in the tires.
And I gotta get my XL600 out of storage and get that raceworthy.
Plus the pre-winter storage routine on the roadbikes that didn't get done when I put 'em away.
And the unfinished CB125 project that just needs a few items before I can call it done. I know that's a pet peave of certain people, it doesn't bother me as much, except that I'd like to wrap it up.
I think I won't be picking up any more projects for awhile, unless of course, they're free...

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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