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Whats going on for the winter builds whos building what.
Should get every one we can help or help motivate you builders SORRY NO FINANCIAL HELP IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM ..un less your offering some then my office door is always open.

We know Ungabunga..cowa...toomanybikzza!!! has a few things juggling in the garage.
We may have to give up on Geeto ,He just has way too many bikes!
Me Im almost done with two and will post then on ebay soon!
Stattz is knee deep in a rack of carbs..keep all fingers crossed!
Tex is in secret "M" mode making some top secret 007cafe extrodinaire,two wheel device...
JohhnyB well he is always build parts to make parts to make bikes while he is building bikes.

Ah who else is there OH yeah ,FR is building a cb 450 and last I knew he is still on it...!

And monkey is putting his racer together, again another different way..

Thats all I remember now im sure this isnt a complete list ADD TO IT :

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Made a lot of progress over the weekend. I buttoned up the 1979 cb750F cafe project. This bike had been finished for several months now but recently an exhaust stud broke and it started leaking fuel out of the petcock, putting it back on the project list. However for now it is off again and running like a raped ape. I also managed to pull the engine out of my cb750F 1976 so I can go through it and make sure it is timed correctly, plus I really want to paint the frame. Fianlly, I managed to get the sprocket plate off the t500 so I can split the cases and repair the right crank seal. I really wanted to use this bike this season but it smoked too much to be safe on the street. oh well. Once the T500 is back together the 1978 F goes back on the list as a cafe bike. Somewhere in there I'll finish my h1 streetfighter. stay tuned.
you always have to have a plan of attack or else you will waste money and time. I am usually so uptight about the bike schedule that I was actually pissed that I had to buy a second exhaust stud after I lost the first one (turned out it wasn't lost at all, my brother had it and shows up with it 10 minutes after I get the new one in).

Surprisingly enough the GF has not noticed the new cb750 yet. Of course she was out of town when I bought it, and has only really been back since saturday. I actually have it parked outside right now, but since it looks so similar to the other cb750 I am wondering if she will even notice. The sooner I get it over to my father's garage, the better. I am so full to capacity I have started moving bikes into the basement workshop. The 76 F was disassembled and moved downstairs yesterday.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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