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winter entertainment

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aaron, i know you like smallville, but you gotta check out Hidden Hills. nbc 930pm it's very bizarrely funny. it might conflict though. while im computing, the tv is usually on and i just let it go. so whatever comes on, comes on.

check it out

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its weird an quirkey. the last episode was about the guy and his wife and contraception. she decided to go off of the pill so he had to use condoms. which he hated. the scenes where he goes to the store to buy condoms are really funny. then he decides to get it tied. his best friend is a black guy is trying to become a senior golf pro. he main charicter tells him if that doesnt work out "there are always still those winter sports that are open" when he goes to get his willy knotted, the friend calls him to tell him he wanted to wish him luck while having his "terrifying operation" it was pretty good. worth a look. i'll have to try and check out birds, although kirsten pretty much runs the tv around here.




1980 Spa gp

roberts, sheene etc...

some great sidecar footage too

check it out

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1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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