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One of my street riding friends, who is a bit more "mature" than I (age wise), had the following to say about Colin Seeley's autobiography.... I just ordered it from:

"I am reading Colin Seeley's autobiography now, in the thick of the early 1960s FIM GPs- he is running in the sidecar classes (a big deal in those days) but he gives a race by race rundown of every meet he goes to, all the solo classes, emergence of Hailwood and Read as stars, Gilera's swan song, Honda and Suzuki coming in. Names and race tracks I read about just a couple of years later when I began reading Cycle World and the British mags we used to pick up at Coulson's, it is a fantastic re-visitation of the era.The same thing as today's circus, but completely different of course...

The book is full of odd little serendipities: When Seeley first started out in the bike business in the late 50s, future F1 honcho Bernie Ecclestone had a shop selling used bikes & cars across the street...."

Another good read -

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