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Wiring and Connectors

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Hi All,

Any good places to pick up high quality wiring and connectors? I know about but I am not going for correct restoration, looking more for modern wire and waterproof style connectors as I will be using an M Unit Blue (when I can get my hands on one) as the heart of the wiring system.

Appreciate it!
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M unit is a fancy circuit breaker replacement for fuses and relay, possibly your signal flasher, but not a lot more.
The connectors you are buying are all standard automotive electronics and the thing that ultimately differentiates the wire quality is going to be its ability to flex in the area of your steering head.
Do you know what 'Heat shrink tubing' is and how to solder a connection ? That's the key to making and insulating professional grade wire connections, comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate bundles of wire. Spiral Wire wrap, small zip ties and velcro fasteners are also good for securing things to the frame.
So the answer is auto specialty stores and electronics supply warehouses.
... if I am looking for something more exotic I go to Eastern Beaver...
Sweet! high end original equipment connectors
and what a great name for a company, gotta love that eastern beaver :D
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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