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Here's an afternoon puzzle for you:

Yesterday I removed my stock rear fender (CB450), so I disconnected the wiring to the tail light and blinkers. Reconnected awhile later, started bike - lost power almost immediately, died. Checked battery voltage, ~11v. I put it on the charger for an hour, checked the voltage (12.5v), put back on bike and kicked on - died almost immediately. Not only that, the battery was significantly drained. Odd.

So I removed the battery and went at the bike with the voltmeter. It seems I've got an open circuit when the key's on. With the key off, no continuity. With it on, got pos-gnd resistance of 1.1 ohms. Disconnected all the rear-end stuff I was playing with, no change.

Any thoughts, besides the obvious get-out-your-wiring-diagram-and-go-to-it? Obviously the brute force test-everything method will work, but it will probably also keep me off my bike for a few days. Ideas would be appreciated.
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