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Wiring troubles

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Hello all! Glad to find a very knowledgeable group.
I recently acquired an 83 Suzuki gs850gl that I want to turn into my first cafe racer.
This model came with quite a few extras that I do not desire on my final build. ( fuel gauge, gear number indicator)
Would it be wiser to take down the entire harness and rewire just the essentials or leave the existing wiring and just take away what I don't need?


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Not my first bike. So will not be learning. The picture is the bike when I bought it. Have lots of plans ;)
When I took off the tank the plugs look almost melted. So I'm thinking I might need to just trash the harness anyways. First project so a little overwhelmed.
Eventually. My first thoughts were handle bars and a new tank. It has dual front disc brakes and disc rear with shaft drive so it really is pretty performance oriented already.
Too late :)
Thanks Harvey. I agree with you Harvey but I got lucky with this find and just had the vision as soon as I laid eyes on her


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You haven't really said what you want to do with this bike, but it's not really a bike to put clip-ons or clubman bars on. It would end up pretty strange and heavy to steer.

GS850Ls are fast enough and very smooth, but they are not ideal to make look like a café racer.

Why have you taken the carbs off?

Danger, is my business.
I took the carbs off with the intention of replacing the intake boots. Which had some kind of sealant on it when I bought it.

I was really looking at putting on some clip-ons, love the look and it really says cafe to me, but you are saying the bike is too big for that?
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