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Wiring troubles

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Hello all! Glad to find a very knowledgeable group.
I recently acquired an 83 Suzuki gs850gl that I want to turn into my first cafe racer.
This model came with quite a few extras that I do not desire on my final build. ( fuel gauge, gear number indicator)
Would it be wiser to take down the entire harness and rewire just the essentials or leave the existing wiring and just take away what I don't need?


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If that bike says "cafe" to you, maybe you misunderstood and it was telling you it was hungry.

Seriously, that bike is not a great starting point for that kind of build. It is not impossible, but you are handicapped from the start. The frame geometry is wrong, the shaft drive is a minus in the performance department, it is heavy....even for a GS. It is a good bike, don't get me is just more suited for touring, than performance. It was a smaller alternative to the GL1000 Goldwing.
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