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Wiring troubles

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Hello all! Glad to find a very knowledgeable group.
I recently acquired an 83 Suzuki gs850gl that I want to turn into my first cafe racer.
This model came with quite a few extras that I do not desire on my final build. ( fuel gauge, gear number indicator)
Would it be wiser to take down the entire harness and rewire just the essentials or leave the existing wiring and just take away what I don't need?


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If this is your first cafe racer build I would suggest don't touch this one it is perfectly good as it is, get barn find bike and work on it, you will learn more on a shitty bike than you will on this. Use this as your daily rider. you will be pissed if you take this bike apart and have nothing to ride in the meantime. Trust me!
You have no plan for this bike and don't say handlebars and cafe seat, the bike was running and rid-able before tear down. I would reconsider your approach.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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