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Getting an estimate for 'repair' is a joke here, all the good japanese mechanics aren't 'registered repair shops'
Holy Shit Seth....Glad to hear you are ok. I'll call you later to get the full details. As for shop, take the bike to Mitch at Alternative Cycle. Good Mechanic with lots of old honda expirence, NYS registered shop, and he does insurance work on wrecked bikes. He is expensive if you have to go out of pocket but anything you are missing he will probably have on hand. Just let him know you don't want the bike totaled.

Insurance companies use the NADA value most of the time these days, since it is compiled by dealers. NADA lists the value of your bike as between $1400 and $2125 for a 69 K1 and $1300 to $1800 for a K2. If I recall correctly your bike is actually a 1971 with 1969 bodywork (at least it is registered as a 1971) wich still puts the value at $1300-$1800. Now if I had to take a guess I would say your bike is probably worth $2500 here in NYC. That means that the repairs have to be less than $1800 for the insurance company to not total the bike (75% of the total value of the bike).

You are going to have to negotiate with the ins company on the value of your bike. I think the NADA value is unfair because it is made up of last years prices and classic hondas have spiked in price this year. The way you get the ins company to give you a higher price on a vehicle is to show them concrete examples of where the bike sold for more. This is where the finished auction seach feature comes in real handy. Also show them auctions with "Buy it Now"s since this reflects a concrete asking price. Look on the web for classic bike dealer sites and see what they are asking for comparable bikes and that usually is the clincher. Don't try to make money off this, get a fair estimate of the damage because the less it is the more the ins company will want to help you repair and not total it out (keep in mind that they are going into this with the mindset that they want to just total it and buy you off).

Here are a couple of ebay links to get you started:
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