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even though i am in a business that on a daily basis is responsible for the destruction of the forests, i think they really do good work sometimes. they are the ones who forced the move towards reforestation. for hundreds of years we were mowing down trees without a thought of how we'd be able to sustain the environment and the industry. in the past 5-10 years there are alot of species of lumber that have become more and more scarce and way less usable with waste factors climbing because of the loss of old growth. they were just going in, and taking the bigggest things they could get. domestically and non domestically. have you tried buying a piece of feq 12/4 s.a. mahogany lately?? much less pattern?? good luck. and if you can get it your probably looking at about 15 a b.f. min and its not soley because of export bans etc....its because there is so little left in general. domestic cherry is in the same situation. 30%+ waste factor and forget getting anything big. even an a1 ply has about 25% sap and thats acceptable now a days. if it werent for the huggers, we'd have alot less left because of the greed of big business. and thered be no future. just imagine the yield a huge redwood has. its probably a good thing thats all protected or some jackass would have mowed it down 50 years ago. now im not totally disagreeing with you. but to paint them in that kind of light i think is a little unfair. and yes, i try to buy only farmed lumber if i can. unfortunately, no matter how much they force this stuff, it still doesnt yeild what a 150 year tree can. and thats a real shame. we should have been figuring this shit out 75 years ago. yeah, it does make my job tougher, but to know that there is a possibiity that in 50 years someone will be able to have a solid cherry table built because i had to pay a litttle more for mine, is great. theyre really not so bad.

as for gas, well, if we werent so dependant on it, this wouldnt be a problem. retirement packages and bonus' and the need to drive the biggest fucking thing on the road lead to all of this. typical ignorance. if i didnt need a big truck for work, theres no way id have one. i know this country is full of lazy, fat, ignorant people and all i can say to them is ya better get ready to start walking or riding a bike if you dont have good public transportation. it already costs me 100 bucks to fill my 32 gallon tank. and i get about 375 miles out of it. thank god for motorcycles.

you know what they did in maryland to not raise taxes 2 years ago??? they doubled all the dmv rates. nice huh? and have you heard about the deregulation of residential gas end electricic rates here??? they are saying 70% increases in your gas and electric bills come july. ours runs about 200 a month in the winter. (we tore out everything last winter and put in all new windows and insulation through out the entire house to try and help) anyway, personally, i dont see anything wrong with preserving as much as possible. fuck, maybe it'll get some of those fat asses off the couch and force them to walk to work.

yeah, i am angry.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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