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Joe and I replaced my cam chain because of the noise. He is right about the little plate but you can probably leave the cam in place if only the chain is shot. The cam sprocket is bolted to the left side of the cam, and would come right off once unbolted. You'll have to take the alternator off (special tool-same as RS125 if you have one) to get to Joe's magic plate (thank you Thumpertalk gods). Put some strong string or safety wire on the chain before you pull it down and out the hole under the cover. You kind of have to angle it sideways to get it out. Slip the new chain back through and reattach the cam sprocket, adjust valves (probably also never done in its poor life) and try it.

There is an adjuster at the head. The lock plate is held down with a 6mm bolt, and then the adjuster is sloted. It moves the top end of the tensioner around on an eccentric. There is also another bolt on the rear of the cylinder-that is the lock bolt that when released will allow a small, weak spring to pull on the bottom of the tensioner up, making the curve in the tensioner more pronounced. Try those two before replacing the chain, but if that doesn't help,the chain will. My old chain was visibly longer than the new one. And my old tensioner had about half an inch less bend in it. I have pictures but no where to post them. Drop me mail at [email protected] and I will send them to you so you can see the magic hole.

And no jokes about Joe's magic hole.

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