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XR100 ride

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This weekend is looking sweet, I'm heading to Yarmouth, anybody feel like gettin their XRs together for a crash/beerfest? If so, I'll bring mine out in the truck, otherwise, I'm ridin.

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I just saw this post. Definately bring your bike. My brother, Jeremy, my buddy Chad, and myself are already planning oon ripping a few laps.

Cheers, Aaron
It looks like my niece is bringing her KLX 110 and chads bringing his old lady to ride on of my 100s. After we leave the pig roast this may turn in to a nice little early season shin-dig. I can't wait hit the kicker and watch Jeremy utilize the safety fence.

Yeah what a hoot. When I got to the barn today my brother was fixing ruts and building new jumps. He had a blast. Frank thanks for coming out with your bro's, it was good hang out with you. We couldn't make it back to the pig roast, mostly because we are wimps and were too tired.

The twin shocker and almost knocking my niece down were my favorite parts of the weekend.

Cheers, Aaron
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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