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XS400 Trippe Tree swaps?

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Does anyone know if there are any 35 or 36mm Tripple trees that will fit a XS400 frame without doing a stem swap?

I know the XS400 shared headstock bearings with a bunch of other Yamahas
RZ-350 35mm and YX600 36mm are ones I've been looking into.
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Yeah but it uses a different head stock bearing set so then I'm either looking at finding a set of bearings that will work or swapping the stem..

Just so it's out there the bearing dimensions for the XS-400 and most of the RD's plus the RZ-350 are
Tapered Roller Bearings(STEERING) Upper = 25 x 48 x 13mm Lower = 30 x 48 x 13mm PARTS PLUS part # SSY125
Hey great.. thanks for the info..

I haven't found the XS-650 bearing sizes before..

Any idea on the XS-650 stem length or the neck length on the frame?
I found 1 place that stated 171mm don't know if that was the frame or stem.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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