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XS400 Trippe Tree swaps?

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Does anyone know if there are any 35 or 36mm Tripple trees that will fit a XS400 frame without doing a stem swap?

I know the XS400 shared headstock bearings with a bunch of other Yamahas
RZ-350 35mm and YX600 36mm are ones I've been looking into.
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You can shorten steering head on XS650 to get clearance.
Don't remember on 400 as I haven't done one for about 25 yrs
XS650 steering head is 190mm long stock, just used a tape measure on spare frame (1979 frame)
Yamaha use the same bearings on XS models over 250cc, RD DT, YZ etc for a least a 10 yr period and from what I've seen, still use same sizes today on smaller cruiser style bikes.
The taper bearings are taller than stock in every case and for every manufacturer(Honda, Suzuki,Kawasaki, Yamaha)
It only makes a difference if your running stock headlight 'ears' you need a 4~6mm spacer on fork tubes to stop them flopping about
Ball bearing just have a lower stack height.
(I've been fitting 41mm Suzuki Katana forks into XS frames)
GS500 has 37mm tubes, max dia for vintage I believe?
BTW, Hello everyone, I'm new here :D
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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