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My friend has a '73 XS650, which he is in the process of selling in fact..

He put 1500 miles on it this summer. It had sat 18 years before he bought it last April. He really didn't do much to it besides a tune up and a new battery.

He started having severe vibration issues, and it started popping out of 5th gear alot. So he took off the side cover and found a couple broken clutch discs and a broken spring. He replaced those and the cable and while it still vibrated, it worked for another couple of months.

We went on a ride a couple weeks ago and it was vibrating so bad that 30 miles in he was saying his butt was numb, plus it was popping out of 5th again, it got a little better when he loosened his chain slightly, but it still popped out from time to time

He took it apart again and found nothing wrong, he really doesn't know what was wrong, he was thinking of upgrading to a different bike anyway, so hes selling it to a coworker who wants to restore a bike.

I myself have a '78 XS400, it was very well taken care of, same mileage as my friends 650 but way better shape. We actually stayed neck and neck in a drag race the last day we went riding.


1978 Yamaha XS400. Stock for now.

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