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XV920 1982 racer build

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Hi guys,

A few days ago I started on my XV920 that I recently bought. Its my first time working on a bike so it's a little overwhelming but so far it's going alright. I opened up the left side of the engine because it didnt start and the starter wasn't sounding healthy.
As expected the starter gear looks pretty worn down so I'll flip that around and see if that makes a difference. But I also came across this.
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The stator coils seem to have some wear on them. I'm thinking this would render it useless because the coils are touching now but I honestly don't know. Also I have not a single clue how it would have worn like this. Any suggestions?

All help will be massively appreciated.馃檹
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Check your crankshaft bearings
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Could you elaborate on that?
Checked the parts diagram and it has roller bearings.
That big heavy weight of magnets is hanging off the end of your crankshaft supported solely by the crankshaft bearings.
If you want to see movement in it, you'll have to put almost as much force on it as the engine would and in a big V-twin, that's a lot. Try a big pry bar.
imho I think you're likely to need two: 6308 deep groove bearings 40 x 90 x 23mm and if you have to split the engine casings you might as well change the bearings with quality brand units for a cost of about 40 bucks each. Difference between a quality bearing and a cheaper one is the number of balls in the race, I would roll with SKF.
If your question is: can you have your rear wheel offset to one side compared to the track of the front wheel :unsure: well No that's not going to work so good as it will certainly compromise your steering in both directions.
I have a BMW K100RS and the rear wheel follows the front wheel accurately. If I was to install an over-size tire on that bike the centre of the rim will not change unless I put a thick spacer between the rim and hub which would be a very bad idea if the motorcycle is going to be ridden, if you are building a motorcycle just to look at that might work.

... BMW K bike crankshaft spins in the opposite direction to the transmission and alternator and the purpose of that design is to prevent the inertial 'pull' to the right which is inherent to older longitudinal layout engines, K bikes do Not have the inertial pull to the right on hard acceleration.
You can offset the wheel track if you put a sidecar on the bike, otherwise no, the rear wheel needs to follow the front wheel faithfully.
I forget which model HD (early one, 1940's/50's) but you set it up with wheels pointing in opposite directions as the torque pulled things back in line
lol that might have even worked if the torque was constant.
Your wrong on offset wheel track .I seen it alot on the wide tire harley back when it was popular rode alot like that .one was 录inch off center line of bike .it was the first 300 back tire I rode.
Is that an example of good or bad handling :unsure:
and why would you not adjust for the quarter inch offset at the front spokes
They rode fine an straight take hands off bars no wobble .most of them had mag wheels so no spokes .I think it would be better to try an keep everything in line with the centerline of bike but if you need to move rear tire over to clear chain its not that big of a deal hes probably not going to be dragging a knee.
Did it like making right hand turns or left hand turns better?
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