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View attachment 12028 View attachment 12029 Me and my son picked this up off CL for $300. We plan on restoring it to its full glory and use it as a pit bike/rv bike/7-11 run bike/just dorking out bike. I always purchase a vehicle with proper title, registration, non-op, etc. we live in California and you can really hump yourself on registration fees if not careful. I read on this forum a lot of folks purchasing real big non running projects....semi complete....with a bill of sale. That is definately not ideal...... especially not to someone new. This runs surprisingly well and is from what I can tell...complete. Riding off road gave me that "I just got my first new motorcycle feel." Remember our first and some our first bikes? Memory lane.
I want your bike all jokes asidefour2389five448three glenn
1 - 1 of 261 Posts