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Yamaha RD350 racebike for sale

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Yamaha RD350 racebike

Ported, Y boot air filter, Pro-Flo ignition, clip-ons, striped frame, drilled front rotor. Race ready, potential winner. Located in NH. $1700

Just needs new tires and gas. Runs on 24:1 premix.

I might swap the clipons for clubman bars.
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what organizations is it set up to race in? Where has it raced?
It'll fit in multiple classes in USCRA, WERA Vintage, and AHRMA.
MiddleWeight Supervintage

Formula 500
Formula 2stroke
V 3

Formula 500
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hey unga, where is that seat from on the whote bike? I have the same one on my sr500.
TZ250J seat from

But I'm sure Tanner can make a better one.

Wanna trade for my Bridgestone....
Dude, I now have.... 10 motorcycles, 7 that run. I need to get rid of some. I don't ride this one, I its gotta go.

I'd love a Bridgestone for the 200gp class, but don't have the time/effort for one. Plus it looks like it'll take Karl years to get those pipes out.

They are cool bikes, though. Gaddammit, post a pic.
UngaWunga is that a home built air filter setup or is it available.Cool bike by the way!
Nope. That air filter setup is available through Pro-Flo.
Our engines are sensitive to intack track length, and this filter helps resolve some of the problems associated with the individual pod air filters.

I found it ,never mind hey Unga did you get this under your tree for xmas.
Little too flash for me (I hate chrome), but very nice. Would be fun to launch down a dragstrip. You can get a reliable 60hp out of the RD350 engines...
Food for thought....why are stock airbox systems and setups like this perferred on two strokes over straight pod filters? Well the principle of a two stroke is based on exhaust reversion pulling in the fresh intake charge into the combustion chamber and holding it there. If you have pod filters the reversion will bounce against the back plate of pod (the round plate at the top of the filter) and then reverse the direction of reversion pushing some of the intake charge back out the exhaust. On a street bike the effect is negligible but on highly tuned drag bikes and snowmobiles the effect can cause a break down of the barrier layer and eventually a hole in the piston due to the lean condition. On high performance two strokes like the kawasaki triple pod filters often make the carbs harder to tune partly due to this condition. If you have to run pods the best to run ar the tapered since the top plate is the smallest and the filter dampens most of the reversion.
What he said. When the reed valves close (piston going down in cylinder), the air that was traveling through the carb can stop dead and/or be reflected back. The individual K&N pod filters with the end caps can reflect this back pressure back into the carb, causing a double carburation. So in a certain rpm range, you get a very rich condition. Makes the bike very difficult to jet if you're trying to lean out the rich condition and have it run fat enough everywhere else. The big single fliter is larger enough to not reflect much of anything. Plus it prevents birds and very small rocks from entering the engine.

So buy my bike already.
Hey Ungawunga, I offered you a turnkey BS racebike for one of your bikes and you no negotiate. Should I take this personally?

Look at the dates that I responded to you both... One's before the other... Either way, it doesn't matter. I shouldn't buy another racebike.
Still for sale! Come and get it before I part it out!
Do you have a title for it? can it be made street legal or is it race only (don't care about lights or signals, is it some weired compression that requires race gas or can it run off pump)? Are those DG pipes?
I've run it on racegas because it sees constantly high rpms around the track. It could be run on 93 octane premix. No lights, as the ignition is a Pro-Flo mageneto that only powers the coils.

DG? Nope. Those are honest to goodness expansion chambers. Looks like Spec2 pipes to me.
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