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quote:Originally posted by chrisf

Well I'm going to look at the 400 tomorrow. He's asking $2000, which sounds really high. We'll see what the bike looks like. At that price, it better be ready for a dallas to ausin trip without a hicup

The 350 has expansion chambers and looks like a cool bike That one is $1400, but needs new tires
($200), a title ($200) and and its carbs cleaned. It supposedly runs and can be ridden, just needs a little tune up. We'll see.

I'm also considering big thumpers, but those seem like they would suck on the highway. I've always lovede the RDs, so hopefully everything works out...

--Thanks, Chris
A guy in the same little town where I live just sold a decent DAYTONA 400 for $1,200 so there is NO WAY I would pay $2,000.00 for ANY regular RD 350/400 unless it was #1 a VERY low ser.# or made out of GOLD! Seriously it would have to be in very,very good condition.

For a reference point I saw a very clean,low mileage Kawasaki KZ1000 on CL a few weeks ago for $2,850 and a bike like that will always hold that value and they are starting to creep up. That bike will alway be more desirable and colectable than a plain Jane RD350/400.

I would like to find a H1 and or a T500.
There are several low mileage Suzuki Ts in Walnecks for under $2,500. I know where there are a couple KH400 triples(one restoreable,w/title,runs and one parts bike) AND a RD350(runs w/title) all three for around a $1,000.

A buddy of mine used to have a stock KH400 and they are very,very smooth running bikes,but they don't make much power off the pipe.

I don't know how mean they can be if built(KH400),but I wouldn't want to ruin how smooth they run. If I could build the one I found and still keep most of the smoothness I'd go for it and buy it for a winter build.
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