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My stock RD350 is just fine -- both with and with out a passenger. And the magic word here is stock. You can crank a whole lot of power out of a RD350 or 400, but it really sort of ruins the bike. They are rather reliable stock. They are quick -- fast compared to a CB350, they are smooth (or at least the stock powerband is not bad at all), and they don't break cranks or burn holes in pistons. But once you start to modify and trick them out for speed they are difficult to tune, and a 2 stroke that is our of tune is a ticking time bomb of doom, doom, and more doom.

I have had mine for a while, and inspite of a self-induced wiring problem, it is a good little bike. Now, I intend to trick mine out some and work through the associated gremlins, but a stock RD is a fine bike.

Just my $0.02.
Peace and grease
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