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I have decided to get sell a few bikes. First up is the 1966 YL-1 TWINJET Yamaha 100cc two stroke.

The good.
NOS tank from Thailand
NOS petcock
NOS engine covers
NOS tank cap
NOS coils
New wheels and tires
New front brake pads
New cylinders and stock size pistons, run for maybe 5 minutes
NOS left side exhaust (haven't found a right side yet)
TWIN JET service manual (reprint)
Original Life magazine ad from 1966
Original key, and I have a set of NOS left and right controls.

The mediocre.
will need throttle and cables
Has been painted with a spray can, it was originally that orange color
The y-tube for intake should be replaced, it is cracked.
The headlamp and speedo do not work. (Ebay has them all the time)

I ran this bike in two Giro's, and it was a blast. Maybe 60 MPH with a tail wind. It did seize on the 2nd Giro, due to the mountainous region and my wailing on it for hours on end up hills in 1st gear. Hence the new pistons and cylinders.

The photo here is as it went into the Giro. It has the original seat and a set of NOS apehangers on it now.

Make me an offer over $600.00. It's here in Freeport, Maine.
207 607 3112


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Nice barn. Nice truck. My former in-laws have a place in Nobleboro, where we used to take our vacation every year, so (having a wife who spent too much) I've been to Freeport many times. And my dad dad grew up in Portland. Gritty's Black Fly Stout (or is it porter?) is pretty good stuff.

That seems a very reasonable price for that bike. For $600. if I was coming that way this year, I'd be very tempted.
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