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I am an administrator at a boarding school here in interior Alaska for predominantly Native Alaskan students from around the state.

In addition to the regular interscholastic sports like basketball, wrestling cross country, etc... (we don't have football) we also have NYO, Native Youth Olympics. NYO is an activity that features events which come from the native cultures that are games based on actual hunting or survival skills. They include such things as the seal hop, stick pull, wrist carry and one foot high kick. All very cool events and very fun to watch.

Here is the problem: It costs a ton of money to transport and house our kids at this event because it is an $800 per person plane trip to get from Galena to Anchorage and back. Plus the kids need to eat and have some fun/shopping while they are in town.The school district is only able to minimally fund this event and the students will need to raise the rest of the money themselves. We can't ask the families to do much since they don't have much and every little bit helps.

So, here is the plug.
Please pledge some money at this site:

Please pass this along to other sites you frequent.
Please pass this along to any individuals or groups that would like to feel good about themselves by helping a bunch of kids in Alaska.

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