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You Mainers should know...

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This is from an e-mail list I'm on, for your general consumption;

This Friday night under the lights! Sebago lake maine. Oval/roads course
ama/canadian screws all for charity. or maine dirt

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This website says Casco, which I gather is on the north end of the lake.

I'd imagine that there will be beer there. How could there not be beer there?
It also would appear that you may be able to ride without the typical full coverage soviet era fenders and tether kill switches, but call the info number to be sure. I was just looking at the photos section.

Yeah, I think so, maybe, which is to say that on the east coast it's not as common as it would be in the north-central states..Michigan and Illinois. There's an annual 3 hour enduro somewhere out there that is a road course. You enter a team, and it's a pretty big deal, a charity thing I think, but they didn't have ice this year.
But I've talked to guys around here that build ice tires that turn both ways as well as just oval tires, in which case they usually shave them for a better left side profile.
How many bikes were there? Did you ride? Was there enough light? Was there beer?

Aaron, way to go dude. Nice way to start the '06 racing season. I'm going to put that race on the calender for next year for sure. You ought to buy some of the ice screws, you'll be impressed, although I guess if you won a race with the aubuchon brand I shouldn't be offering anymore advise...

Joe, nice page, I'd seen that and forgot where.
"I think I'll bring my $50,000 hauler on to the ice right by the shore, next to that semi..."
Some baddass ice tires though.

Everybody should have one. If you can't find one, I may know of one for sale...

I've never heard of "black screws", maybe just the local's term for sheet metal screws, or maybe that's the color of the Cold Cutter brand screws or maybe another brand. I haven't seen them though. The Gold Screws are what's available around here, and that's the brand name, and obviously the color.
I'm going to build a set of tires for next year for my YZ using some older screws that require a liner.
For my XR100 I use Cheng Shin enduro tires, they hold about 600 screws.

1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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