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You Mainers should know...

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This is from an e-mail list I'm on, for your general consumption;

This Friday night under the lights! Sebago lake maine. Oval/roads course
ama/canadian screws all for charity. or maine dirt

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Very cool event and I didn't know they do road race courses as well as the oval. Is that normal?

I think there was around 30 guys and quite a few spectators. There was only a few people for the Adult Mini class but I entered that and I also entered the Road Race Main Event. I won the Adult Mini main event and then raced my XR100 against what seem to be very fast bikes. Once I got used to the whole thing and got up to speed I felt good but pretty much got my ass handed to me.

I also realized that I was the only one with screws from Aubuchon hardware. Everyone else had real screws or spikes which you could easily tell that they hook up all that much better. All in all, it was very fun.

Aaron, way to go dude. Nice way to start the '06 racing season. I'm going to put that race on the calender for next year for sure. You ought to buy some of the ice screws, you'll be impressed, although I guess if you won a race with the aubuchon brand I shouldn't be offering anymore advise...

Joe, nice page, I'd seen that and forgot where.
"I think I'll bring my $50,000 hauler on to the ice right by the shore, next to that semi..."
Some baddass ice tires though.

I kept hearing conflicting advice. "Buy the gold screws, don't buy the gold ones. Gold ones get the black ones, no, no the black ones suck."

What does it matter what color they are?

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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