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Zack's working environment

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In case some of you missed it, it was Zack's birthday today or sometime close to today. I will attempt to post a couple of pics of what he faced at work today. Look in the pics page. If I fail to post them I will email them to Aaron or someone else who knows how to post them.

Mike O
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It's your birthday!!! Suck my **** !!!!

Just a cute little saying we have around here.

I say we get him something special....and you know...give it to Frontier Land.
I'll be in the Turn 3 grandstands....naked.

Evil, yeah, Sat. is just like a practice right? We should all go down and do something stupid to embarass him while he races. sponsors of the team...we shouldn't really be distracting him in a money race.

Mmmm....freshly sqeezed babies...a sick image I've never thought of odd.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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